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Fighter Highlights




Rd 1 – Thompson is in the southpaw stance. Pettis comes out in the orthodox stance. Thompson opens the fight with a hard kick to the body! Pettis establishes the forward pressure. Thompson is in the karate stance. Both fighters are measuring their range. Pettis explodes with a body kick and lands. Thompson establishes the jab. 1st min in, Pettis is patient. He is looking for the openings to explode. Both fighters are looking relaxed. Thompson scores with a couple of kicks. Pettis is doing a good job of staying in his face. Hard inside leg kick lands for Pettis! Nice sidekick to the body lands for Thompson. He is keeping his distance with the kicks. Neither fighter is willing to pull the trigger. Good body kick lands for Thompson. Thompson is bouncing on his feet. Halfway in, Thompson moves forward and lands a quick one-two combination. He is looking more confident. Pettis explodes with a wheel kick, just misses! Thompson is destroying Pettis with the kicks. Pettis responds with a kick also. He has a hard time closing the distance with the punches. Thompson fires a quick 3 punch combo and lands. 1 min to go, he moves forward once again and lands another one-two combination. He is letting his hands go. Stiff jab lands for Thompson. He follows the attacks with a sidekick to the head and lands! Pettis moves in and eats another 2 punch combo! Thompson is on fire! Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Thompson connects with a straight left. 10-9 Thompson

Rd 2 – Pettis takes the center and continues with the pressure. Hard kick to the body lands for Pettis! Thompson goes high with the kick, blocked by Pettis. Pettis closes the distance and lands a right hook to the body. He is the aggressor early in the round. Thompson is moving on the outside and scoring with the kicks. 1st min in, Pettis has a bloody face. Hard sidekick to the body lands for Thompson. He has a lot of success with the kicks so far. Pettis has a hard time defending them. Thompson is destroying the lead leg of Pettis. Stiff jab lands for Thompson. He is slowly picking Pettis apart. Halfway in, Pettis continues with the pressure. He is taking a lot of damage coming in. Nice body head combination lands for Thompson. Hard kick to the body lands for Thompson! Pettis starts firing the leg kicks. Hard outside leg kick lands for Pettis! This is a pure kickboxing match. Piston jab lands for Pettis! Thompson is throwing faints. He just misses with the head kick. Pettis is looking to time the next kick and explode with the counter punches. 1 min to go, Pettis is busy with the kicks. Thompson is light on his feet. Both fighters exchange jabs. Thompson establishes the forward pressure. Pettis is backing off against the fence. Thompson fires a kick to the body. Pettis explodes with the superman punch!!! Thompson goes down!!! Thompson is knocked out!!! 




Rd 1 – Thompson is in the southpaw karate stance. Till is in the regular southpaw stance. Both fighters are in the center. Till slowly establishes the pressure. Both fighters are feeling each other. Till opens the fight with a leg kicks. Thompson is moving on the outside switching stances early. Till goes high with the kick, misses. 1st min in, Thompson explodes and lands a hard kick to the body! Till absorbs. Till is looking for the openings. Thompson is looking relaxed. Till is throwing a lot of faints. Till moves in but misses with the power left hand. He has a hard time finding his timing. Till is walking Thompson down. Halfway in, Till fires a kick to the body and lands. Thompson quickly counters with the left. Both fighters are saving their energy. Thompson explodes with the one-two combination. Till escapes to his left. Beautiful straight right to the body lands for Thompson! Thompson is displaying his speed early. 1 min to go, neither fighter wants to take an early risk. Thompson presses forward and lands a right hand. 10-9 Thompson

Rd 2 – Both fighters exchange kicks at the beginning. Till takes the center. He goes high with the kick, blocked by Thompson. Thompson returns the head kick and partially lands. He continues to move on the outside. Nice sidekick to the body lands for Thompson. 1st min in, Till is looking to explode with the left hand. Nice step in right hand lands for Thompson. He is looking much faster. Till clearly has a hard time landing anything. That said, Till moves in and lands a big left hand! He initiates the clinch and lands a nice knee to the body. Halfway in. Till fires a leg kick and lands. Thompson counters with the volume strikes and lands. Thompson is outboxing Till. Till is throwing a lot of kicks in this round. Thompson is constantly sprinting in his attacks. Till has a hard time moving away. Both fighters are holding their hands low. Till wants to byte Thompson into something. Nice leg kick lands for Till. 1 min to go, both fighters are passive. They are missing a lot of punches. Nice sidekick lands for Thompson. 10-9 Thompson

Rd 3 – Till takes the center. He is looking very aggressive early. Thompson is trying to keep his distance with the high kick. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Thompson lands a jab. Till returns the jab and starts firing leg kicks. 1st min in, Till starts chasing Thompson but comes short with the left hand. Thompson is waiting for a counter. Nice right hand lands for Till. Thompson is escaping all the dangers with his footwork. Nice kick to the body lands for Thompson. He moves in and lands a jab to the body. Till presses forward but eats a counter right hand. Till lands a stiff jab. Both fighters are light on their feet. Halfway in, Till pushes with a double jab. Thompson fires with a piston right counter and lands! Thompson is so fast with his hands. Till is looking for a brawl. Till connects with a left hand. Thompson absorbs the shot. Nice kick to the body lands for Till. Both fighters are missing with the punches. 1 min to go, Till is leaving himself open during the attacks. Now, Thompson takes the center. He closes the distance and lands an eye poke. The referee stops the fight. The doctor wants to check the eye of Till. The fight continues in the center. Till explodes and lands a big left hand! He explodes with spinning techniques but misses with all of them! Till follows the attack with a big left hand and lands! Till is on fire! 10-9 Till 

Rd 4 – Thompson is switching his stances. He opens the round with a double jab. Till establishes the forward pressure and starts firing the leg kicks. Big leg kick lands for Till! Thompson answers with a quick one-two and lands! Nice right hand lands for Thompson. Till has a hard time cutting the movement of Thompson. 1st min in, Thompson explodes from the outside and lands a right hand. Till responds with the left hand over the top. Both fighters are playing the faint game. Till is working the lead leg of Thomson. He wants to neutralize the movement of Thompson. Fighters are patient. Nice jab lands for Thompson. Halfway in, Till comes in but eats a counter left hook. Till is looking desperate to land a big left hand. Thompson moves in with a right hand. Till ducks under and initiates the clinch. Thompson separates. They are back in the center. Both fighters are missing with the punches; their defense is very good in this fight. 1 min to go, stiff double jab lands for Till. He swings the right hand but misses. Thompson counters with a jab. Thompson is heavy on the lead leg. He is waiting for the attack. Nice inside leg kick forces Till to switch his stances. Till moves forward and starts chasing Thompson. He connects with the left hand over the top. 10-9 Thompson

Rd 5 – Fighters are showing respect at the beginning of the round. Till opens the round with a leg kick. He moves forward with the punches but misses with most of them. Thompson fires a head kick, just misses. 1st min in, Stiff jab lands for Thompson. Till starts walking Thompson down. Both fighters are looking fresh. Thompson misses with the switch kick. Till establishes the strong pressure. He forces Thompson against the fence. Till fires a left hand. Thompson shows his great head movement and escapes. Halfway in, Stiff jab lands for Till. Thompson fakes the high kick and lands a kick to the body. Till starts chasing Thompson. He lands a double jab and follows with the big left hand! Thompson goes down!!! Thompson recovers and he is back on his feet! Till is looking confident! Thompson explodes and lands a big left hand! Till absorbs. Till is walking Thompson down. Thompson doves for a double leg takedown and gets it! However, Till immediately explodes back to his feet. 1 min to go, both fighters are looking tired. Till is still pressing forward. Neither fighter is willing to push for the kill. 10-9 Till 




Rd 1 – Thompson is in the southpaw karate stance. Masvidal is in the orthodox stance. Masivdal is bouncing on the outside. Thompson establishes the early pressure. Thompson opens the fight with the leg kick. Thompson is patient. Masvidal is looking for his range. Thompson fires a high kick and partially lands. 1st min in, Thompson is walking Masvidal down. Masvidal is throwing a lot of faints. Nice kick to the body lands for Masvidal.He is in the Muay Thai stance. Thompson lands a couple of nice sidekicks to the body. Masvidal is looking frustrated already. Thompson quickly closes the distance and lands a 2 punch combo. He is very fast in stepping in and out of the range. Masvidal lands an inside leg kick. He takes the center and starts putting pressure on Thompson. Halfway in, Thompson closes the distance and lands a right hand. Masvidal is busy with the kicks. He is attacking the lead leg of Thompson. Nice kick to the body lands for Thompson. Masvidal returns the kick to the body but eats a nasty right hand over the top! Masvidal moves in with the one-two but eats another sidekick to the body. Masvidal is the aggressor. He connects with a right hand and follows with the hard leg kick! 1 min to go, Masvidal is provoking Thompson. He lands another kick to the body but eats a left counter. Thompson fires a piston straight left hand and lands. Masvidal has felt that one. Masvidal lands a right hook and follows with the leg kick. 10-9 Thompson 

Rd 2 – Thompson takes the center. Masvidal is in the tall Thai stance. Both fighters are exchanging the kicks. Thompson fires a switch kick to the head, blocked by Masvidal. Masvidal shoots for the single leg but fails to score a takedown. Thompson responds with the hard kick to the body! 1st min in, Thompson establishes the jab. Thompson switches up his stances and connects with a big right hand! Masvidal goes down!!! Thompson backs off and allows Masvidal to stand. Masvidal lands a leg kick.  Thompson is looking confident and relaxed. He explodes with the 3 punch combo and misses. Hard step in left hand lands for Thompson! Masvidal has a hard time setting up the timing on the counter punches. Thompson is scoring with a jab. Masvidal fires another leg kick but eats a right counter over the top. Halfway in, Big left hook lands for Thompson! He is dominating the fight on the feet. Thompson is constantly moving away from the power of Masvidal. Another step in left hand lands for Thompson! Masvidal is moving forward. 1 min to go, Thompson is fighting the smart fight. Hard kick to the body lands for Masvidal! He continues with the pressure and lands a big right hand! Thompson absorbs. Good leg kick lands for Masvidal. The left leg of Thompson is already red. Thompson lands a left hand and finishes with the leg kick. 10-9 Thompson 

Rd 3 – Masvidal quickly takes the center and continues with the pressure. Stiff jab lands for Thompson. Masvidal responds with the leg kick but eats a two punch combo. Masvidal dives for a double leg takedown. Thompson defends. Masvidal is swinging and missing. Masvidal is punishing the lead leg of Thompson. Nice left hook to the body lands for Thompson. He explodes once again and lands a nasty one-two combination! 1st min in, Masvidal absorbs the shots well. Right hand over the top lands for Thompson. He is outboxing Masvidal in this fight. He is mixing his attacks high and low. Beautiful body-head combination lands for Thompson. Masvidal shoots for a single leg, easily defended by Thompson. He continues the attack and lands a hard right hand! Halfway in, Thompson responds with a two-punch combo! Masvidal is the aggressor. He closes the distance once again and lands a big right hand! Thompson absorbs and responds with a one-two combo. Masvidal is looking desperate to land a knockout punch. Both fighters’ trade jabs. Nice body head combo lands for Thompson. He is always one step ahead of Masvidal. Big one-two lands for Thompson. He is looking like a fresher fighter. Nice kick to the body lands for Masvidal. 1 min to go, Thompson continues to circle on the outside. Thompson is scoring with the jab from the outside. Both fighters are swinging and missing. 10-9 Thompson 





Championship fight. Rd 1 – Thompson presses, Woodley happy to stay on the outside and circle. Woodley explodes with straights, Thompson steps back and avoids. 90 seconds gone. Head kick blocked from Thompson. Not much action. Head kick blocked again from Thompson. Thompson closes distance, but still only throwing kicks. 2 min in, both fighters looking tentative. Both appear to want to counterstrike, no one willing to take the lead. Crowd whistling after 1 rd… Only 6 significant strikes landed. 10 – 9 Thompson.
Rd 2 – Both fighters in striking range, but not striking. Couple straight lefts blocked from Thompson. Woodley content to circle and not throw, Thompson happy to slowly press and not throw… Halfway. Woodley explodes throwing and only landing the 1 overhand right. 90 seconds to go. Front leg side kick lands, then round kick, zero power behind both. Thompson lands a good kick to the body, as Woodley times a counter right. 10 – 9 Thompson.
Rd 3 – Thompson jab and leg kick. Woodley times a single leg level change, Thompson shows good balance, as Woodley takes him to the cage, Woodley able to complete the takedown. Woodley controls, minimal damage. Thompson gets up with just under 3 mins to go. They remain clinched Halfway. Thompson slowly pressing Woodley, who again is right against the cage. Coupe punches to the body and head kick blocked from Thompson. They exchange punches to the body. 10 – 9 Woodley.
Rd 4 – Woodley seems more game as presses a bit, a couple overhands miss but at least the intent is there. Woodley once again finds himself on the outside. Wheel kick lands for Thompson. 2 mins gone. Halfway and both fighters have landed 25 significant strikes each – Majority of Woodleys when he got Thompson down. High kick lands for Thompson. 9 – 9.
Rd 5 – Both fighters take the middle. More urgency to Woodley as he presses, Thompson to the outside. Both continue to move and occasionally throw and mainly miss. 90 seconds to go. Woodleys most aggressive round and he hasn’t done shit. Thompson content to circle, 30 seconds, a couple punches momentarily drop Thompson!, he scrambles up, another punch drops Thompson, hes back up and throws back, as he circles Woodley patiently walks him down and lands a couple more that hurt Thompson! 10 – 9 Woodley. That last 30 seconds won Woodley the title. BS.

Watch Fight



Rd 1 – Woodley on the outside, circling around. Thompson has got Woodley near the cage and misses an early side head kick. He’s switching stances and looking strike. Woodley moving side to side, looking for options. Woodley’s hands are high. Side kick up high almost lands for Thompson. Woodley fakes a takedown and blocks a kick from Thompson. Both men patient as they look to figure things out. Thompson kicks low, and Woodley grabs it and pushes his opponent to the floor. Half-guard for Woodley with 3mins left and grinding from the top, landing a few punches and elbows from the dominant spot. He hammers the ribs while controlling the neck. Thompson looking to escape, but Woodley is heavy on top. More left hands to the ribs. Woodley happy to just ride things out on top and shows good control. He postures in the final seconds and hammers the body with hard punches. Thompson is busted up at the end of the round.
Rd 2 – 2nd round and Thompson again takes the center and strikes his traditional karate stance. Woodley is content to keep circling on the outside. They trade low kicks and Thompson with his hands low, switching stances is still the aggressor with Woodley keeping his back against the cage. Thompson fires a left hand but Woodley slips under it and gets inside. Woodley locks the body and drives a few knees inside the thighs. They trade positions on the cage, but Woodley gets to the outside. Knees and punches traded inside. Thompson spins out of the clinch and is back to pressuring while Woodley has his back constantly to the cage. Thompson lands a few punches when they reset. Woodley rushes forward with his own punches, but they don’t land. 2mins and Thompson lands a nice spinning kick to the bod. He lands a nice jab. Thompson feeling comfortable now and he lands a straight right hand. Woodley with a low kick, but Thompson counters it over the top. Right hand for Woodley, and he slips the counter. Woodley wants a takedown, but it’s not there. Stiff left from Thompson. Right hand from Thompson met with a right from Woodley, and they move out to the center. Woodley chases at the end and lands a right hand.
Rd 3 – 3rd round and Woodley moves forward, but lands nothing. Woodley presses but Thompson fights off the cage with a big right hand. Woodley with a high kick that’s blocked and Thompson kicks the legs. Woodley does the same. Thompson rattles off punches, and a right connects that seems to stun Woodley. Thompson goes to the body. Woodley fighting close to the cage, not giving himself much room to work. He pushes off but is quickly back there. Thompson has a spinning high kick blocked. Momentum seems to be in Thompson’s favor as Woodley is coming up short and getting countered. They clinch, but Thompson gets away. Now it’s Woodley on the outside, but Thompson doesn’t stay there long. Hard leg kick lands for Woodley. Thompson the aggressor, and Woodley missing the counters for the moment. Hard left hand lands from Woodley.
Rd 4 – 4th round and Thompson still hanging the hands, baiting Woodley. Meanwhile, Woodley remains patient and moves to the outside. Blood trickling down Thompson’s nose and he lands a leg kick. Woodley lands a jab and Thompson counters with a punch. Woodley circling around near the cage and Thompson rushes him but he circles out and big right hand drops Thompson. He pops back up, but Woodley is on the prowl. Another right sees Thompson crash to the floor. Woodley jumps on top and punches away. Thompson trying to get to his feet. Somehow, he does, but Woodley is all over him. Punches and knees from the clinch. Thompson tries to shoot, and Woodley grabs his neck. He wants the guillotine but can’t get it. Somehow, Thompson is still in this fight. Woodley still on the neck, and he drops to guard to squeeze. Thompson refusing to give up and somehow doesn’t tap out. Woodley adjusting his guard and continuing the squeeze, but Thompson won’t go away. Thompson punches the body a bit. Woodley tries again to adjust, but it’s not there, and Woodley has to let go. Thompson on top. Less than a minute. Crowd chanting for Thompson. Woodley holding him tight underneath. Thompson postures and punches at the end. Crazy round. Thompson helps Woodley up at the bell. WOW!
Rd 5 – 5th round and final round shows Thompson with a high kick that’s blocked and Woodley immediately with his back to the cage. Woodley blocks a leaping kick. Thompson rattles off three punches that don’t get through. Why is Woodley always fighting again against the cage?? Right hand lands for Thompson. Woodley blocks a high kick. Thompson is the aggressor and pressuring Woodley around and with more volume. Woodley lands a low kick and Thompson lands a good jab. Woodley blocks a spinning kick. Thompson picking his opponent apart right now as he pressures and lands a leg kick and a hard body shot. No volume from Woodley. Woodley occasionally returning fire, but it’s not enough. Thompson chops the legs. Woodley does score a nice right hand. Thompson with a right to the body. Woodley rushes forward with punches that miss and Thompson lands a nice punch combo. Thompson landing the better blows to close the round.



Rd 1 – Thompson starts off in the center while MacDonald takes the outside. Nothing happens the 1st min as it’s all a feeling-out process, no real strikes to speak of. Opponent goes for a wild rolling takedown (iminari roll) and tries to pick Thompson’s ankle but the he pulls his foot out. Thompson lands a front kick to the body and Rory tries a high kick that’s blocked and ducks away from a counter punch. A lot of bouncing around and circling from both, not much going on. Rory with another iminari roll but no go. Thompson lands a body kick, then another one and jumps away from a counter.Thompson tries a spinning kick but opponent blocks it with his hand and Thompson lands another body kick. Opponent presses forward and into the clinch and they exchange small strikes against the cage. Thompson gets the upper hand and pushes Rory to the cage but they break and Rory throws a high kick that’s missed.
Rd 2 – 2nd round and low kick lands early from Thompson, then up high with a switch kick and Rory misses with a left from the middle. Thompson ducks away from a right hand and Rory clinches him up but they break quickly. Still very tentative on both sides, not throwing much. Rory rolls for a takedown, but can’t get it and Thompson kicks him to the body. Then he tries a side kick up high that just misses. The crowd is restless and I get it cuz this is boooring, and as I say that Rory drives forward looking for a single but Thompson defends and they return to the center. Thompson tries a 1-2, and then switches stances and lands the sidekick. The crowd boos in the final 10 seconds as they feint at each other.
Rd 3 – 3rd round and Rory pushes in early and lands a nice punch, which is his best of the fight but Thompson fires back. Rory is in the center of the cage and eats another body kick. They’re not devastating strikes, but they add up and they keep the distance in Thompson’s favor. Rory tries to track him down with a right hand, and they tie up. Thompson gets him to the ground fairly easily and then Rory goes for an arm, then a leg but Thompson is out of there and back to the feet. With 2mins left, they briefly trade strikes with Thompson using good footwork and in constant motion. With a 1min left, Rory lands a good punch down the stretch, but there’s still very little output from him.
Rd 4 – 4th round and a front kick from Thompson pushes MacDonald back, and when MacDonald tries to get inside, Thompson fires at him with kicks and punches. They dirty box for a moment, and Thompson lands a good punch on the break. With 3mins left, they trade and Rory looks like he’s getting ready to turn things up. He pressures Thompson to the cage and lands a good right hand and Thompson circles out. The crowd is really hating this fight and the lack of output. Thompson lands a hard sidekick to Rory and Rory counters with a left hand. With 10secs left they exchange strikes.
Rd 5 – 5th round and Rory probably needs to go for broke. He pushes in right away with punches, but there isn’t much there. Thompson lands a front kick. What MacDonald is throwing is pretty much ducked away from by Thompson. Thompson lands some slick punches when MacDonald comes inside, then he’s out of there. Rory lands a hard right, though, and then they start slugging it out. They both land hard punches on each other and Rory may have Thompson hurt. But Thompson pops him with a jab and then a big spinning kick from Thompson lands on Rory and his nose is gushing blood. Midway through and Rory goes for a takedown, but Thompson reverses and lands some punches from side control. 2mins left and Rory is a bloody mess and eating small strikes. Rory gets to guard abd Thompson gets up. 90 secs left, Thompson lands the leg kick and lands some hard punches to Rory damaged face.



Rd 1 – Opponent presses Thompson to the cage, lands a punch and trying for the takedown against the cage but no go. They break and Thompson lands a side kick and then a head kick. Thompson lands another head kick and then a flurry of punches. Opponent presses but gets countered and eats a hard body kick and then 2 straight punches. Opponent trying to pressure but eats a punch combo then a kick, spinning kick and Hendricks is down and ref calls it.




  • Thompson is the aggressive standup fighter with a strong kickboxing and karate background.
  • Thompson is a former professional kickboxer with a record of 58 wins and 0 losses.
  • He is the 5th-degree black belt in Tetsushin-Ryu Kempo.
  • Also, he is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt under Carlos Machado.
  • Thompson has a very unique style of fighting. He is in the wide karate stance, holding his hands low and exploding from the outside position.
  • He has great footwork as seen against Masvidal. He is looking very unpredictable with his lateral movement.
  • Against Till, Thompson has shown his great timing on the counter attacks.
  • He has very fast hands, he is almost always a step ahead during the exchanges.
  • As of the Pettis fight, Thompson had T-2nd most knockouts since 2012 in UFC Welterweight history (5).
  • Thompson is eating a lot of kicks. He is not defending them at all as seen against Till, Masvidal, and Pettis. He has a tendency to take a kick and explode with the punches over the top.