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Rick Glenn




20 – 4 – 1













Fighter Highlights




Rd 1 – Glenn is in the southpaw stance. Aguilar is in the orthodox. Aguilar takes the outside position. Glenn goes high with the kick, blocked by Aguilar. Glenn is busy with the kicks. Both fighters are setting up their timing. Glenn lands a nice body kick. 1st min in, Aguilar is patient and he connects with a hard kick to the body! Glen quickly closes the distance and lands a short right hand. Glenn is using his reach well. He is outboxing Aguilar. Glenn is setting up his punches with the kicks. Glenn moves in. Aguilar counters with the short uppercut. Glenn follows with a single leg attempt. Aguilar shows great takedown defense. Halfway in both fighters exchange punches. Glenn closes the distance and lands a left hand. Aguilar times the counter and lands a big right hand! Glenn is hurt! Aguilar is looking to explode on Glenn! Glenn recovers and takes the center again. Aguilar is swinging and missing. Glenn continues to work the body with the kicks. Glenn is much more cautious now. He respects the counter of Aguilar. 1 min to, Glenn attacks with the hight kick and clinches. Aguilar connects with a nice body-body-head combination. He is looking sharp. Another hard uppercut to the body lands for Aguilar! Glenn connects with the right hand over the top. Aguilar responds with a hard kick to the body. 10-9 Aguilar

Rd 2 – Both fighters are patient at the beginning of the round. Glenn continues with the pressure. Aguilar explodes and connects with a right hand over the top. Glenn is throwing a lot of faints. Aguilar is waiting for the attack. Both fighters exchange kicks. 1st min in, Glenn closes the distance and initiates the clinch. He is very open during the attacks. Aguilar separates. He is feeling comfortable standing and trading. Aguilar mixes his attack with the kick to the leg and a hook to the body and connects. Glenn has a hard time closing the distance in this round. Glenn moves forward and eats a big uppercut coming in! Halfway in, Aguilar has found his timing for the counter punches. Big body kick lands for Aguilar. He is looking confident. Glenn seems to be confused. Glenn closes the distance with the left hand. Both fighters exchange punches. Glenn pushes for a clinch. Aguilar explodes with the hooks to the body. Glenn lands a nice elbow over the top. 1 min to go, Glenn continues to throw a lot of faints. Aguilar fires a piston right hand and lands! Glenn seems to be confident as he explodes with the kicks and punches. Aguilar is doing a good job countering with the right hand. Aguilar initiates the clinch as the round ends. 10-9 Aguilar

Rd 3 – Glenn immediately takes the center. Aguilar steps in and lands a left hook. Glenn pushes forward. Aguilar ducks under and initiates the clinch. Glenn separates from the clinch and lands a kick to the body. Glenn moves with the right hand. Aguilar counters with the right kick to the body. Glenn pushes once again and eats a two punch combo. Aguilar is showing incredible counter speed.  Nice one-two lands for Aguilar. He is destroying Glenn. Glenn closes the distance and lands nasty elbow over the top! He is still in this fight. Glenn goes high with the kick, blocked by Aguilar. Glenn is firing the kicks. Aguilar is slowing down. Hard kick to the body lands for Glenn! Aguilar times the next kick and explodes with the overhand right! Glenn goes down!!! Aguilar follows him to the ground and explodes with the ground and pound! Glenn is all busted up! Aguilar is all over Glenn! Glenn rolls over and gives his back to Aguilar! Glenn tries to scramble. Aguilar makes a transition to the half guard. 1 min to go, Aguilar backs off. Fighters are back standing. Glenn is pressing forward. He eats another hard right hook to the body. Glenn connects with the hard elbow! Aguilar is hurt! Aguilar clinches. Glenn manages to score a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Aguilar




Rd 1 – Bermudez in the orthodox stance, Glenn in the southpaw. Body kick lands for Glenn. Bermudez shoots for a takedown but misses. Body kick lands for Glenn. Knee to the body by Bermudez. Left hand lands for Bermudez. Jab lands for Bermudez as Glenn counters with a left hand over the top. Body kick lands for Glenn. Body shot by Bermudez. Bermudez shoots for a takedown. Defended by Glenn. Right hand over the top for Glenn. Body kick lands for Glenn. Body kick for Bermudez. Glenn counters with a body kick. 2 min in. Glenn pushing forward. Left hand lands for Glenn. Hard left hand lands for Glenn. Another takedown attempt by Bermudez, defended by Glenn. High kick from Glenn lands on Bermudezs hand. Knee to the body for Bermudez. Bermudez shoots for another takedown, another one defended by Glenn. 4 min in. Fighters are in the centre. Body shot for Bermudez. Left hand lands for Glenn. Front body kick by Glenn. Hard body kick by Glenn. Left hook lands for Bermudez. Round ends. 10-9 Glenn
Rd 2 – Glenn opens the round with a kick. Body kick from Glenn. Bermudez pushes forward but misses with a combination. Body kick by Glenn. Jab lands from Glenn as Bermudez counters with a left hand. Jab lands for Glenn. Leg kick from Glenn as Bermudez counters with a takedown. Glenn is on the ground, Bermudez on his feet and trying to take a good position. Couple of left hands landing for Bermudez. Glenn scrambles and returns to his feet. 2 min. They are back in the center. Leg kick lands for Glenn. Hard one – two combination from Glenn. Bermudez shoots for a takedown and takes Glenn down. Bermudez in guard position. Glenn forces him off and he is back on his feet. Bermudez level changes and scores a takedown. Elbows from Glenn. Glenn is back on his feet. Straight left lands for Glenn. Bermudez with a knee to the body. Body kick by Glenn. 4 min in. Body kick by Bermudez. Another takedown from Bermudez. Up kick lands for Bermudez. Ground and pound from Bermudez. Glenn is standing up as the round ends. 10-9 Glenn.
Rd 3 – Glenn opens the round with a kick. Counter right lands for Glenn. Left hand lands for Bermudez. Bermudez clinches and tries to take Glenn down. Bermudez takes Glenns back. Glenn scrambles and takes Bermudezs back. Fighters are in the clinch. Left hand lands for Bermudez on the separation. Bermudez scores a takedown. Glenn scrambles and manages to get back on his feet. Knee to the head by Bermudez. Glenn pushes him on the ground. Bermudez is on his feet. Left knee lands for Bermudez. Bermudez level changes and scores a takedown. Glenn is back on his feet. 2 min in. Bermudez again with a takedown. Guard position for Bermudez. Bermudez with a ground and pound. Elbows from the bottom for Glenn. Elbow lands for Bermudez. Glenn scrambles as Bermudez takes his back. Bermudez in side control, he switches to a halfguard position. Bermudez is back on his feet and pushes for a guard position. Glenn is back on his feet. Body kick from Glenn. Bermudez level changes and scores a takedown. Glenn scrambles and he is back on his feet. Bermudez locks Glenns legs as both fighters scrambles. Round ends. 10-9 Bermudez.



Rd 1 – Patient start from both, as they take up the center, Nover lands a good combo followed by a blocked right high kick. Boyd kick lands for Nover, Glenn counters with an overhand left. 1 min in. Another solid body kick lands for Nover. Head kick lands flush for Nover! Glenn eats it like it was nothing, and lands a counter left as Nover tried to follow it up. Glenn starting to pressure now and time his left straight. Glenn pushes forward trying to find a home for his straight left, eating a counter hook in the process. Halfway. Side kick to the body partially lands for Nover. 2 mins to go. Both fighters still pretty patient. Nover partially lands another head kick, Glenn eats it again. 1 min to go. Glenn slowly pressuring and connects with his straight left. Glenn pressures after blocking a Nover body kick, but can’t land anything clean. Glenn instigates the clinch with seconds left, but can’t get the takedown. Very close round 10 – 10.
Rd 2 – Lead switch head kick blocked from Nover, he goes again and its blocked. Glenn slowly pressuring. Nothing being thrown. Zero volume from both fighters thus far. 1 min in. Glenn presses with his jab and then head kick that’s blocked. Nover double leg attempt, stuffed. Glenn going high and low with his kicks. Clinch against the cage. Glenn on the outside, amazing balance from Nover to stop the takedown. Glenn continues to control with double unders. 90 seconds to go. Glenn lands a solid knee to the body as they separate. 1 min to go. Glenn has landed numerous inside leg kicks. Glenn presses, clinch and knees and a short elbow to end the round. 10 – 9 Glenn.
Rd 3 – Nover head kick blocked. Nover witch head kick blocked. Glenn remains patient, happy to block. Sharp jab lands for Nover. Glenn finally lands a body kick. Good start 1 min in. Another sharp jab lands for Nover. Leg kick, punch from Nover. Nover doing all the work here in the first 2 mins. Glenn shoots and they clinch against the cage. Nover does well to defend the takedown and they remain clinched against the cage. Glenn trying hard for the single. Halfway. Nover continues to defend, until the ref separates them. Just under 2 mins to go. Counter left lands for Nover as Glenn comes forward instigating the clinch again. 90 seconds to go. They finally break. 1 min to go. Glenn pushing the pace as he lands a couple punches before clinching again. 30 seconds to go. Nover able to land a knee, Glenn lands a couple big elbows to close the fight. Close rd 10 – 10.



Rd 1 – Both southpaws. Glenn lands a jumping front kick. Dunham lands some nice combos on Glenn, mixing in body and head punches. Glenn is taken down and eating gnp. Dunham attempts a choke but Glenn defends very well. Dunham postures up and lands bigger strikes. Dunham lands some hard elbows and punches with the gnp. As Glenn tries to stand, Dunham takes the back and attempts the rnc. Amazing defense as that was tight. Dunham still has the back, landing small punches until the bell.
Rd 2 – 2nd round and Glenn lands a good straight right and defends a takedown. Dunham tries again and gets it. Looking for a d’arce choke but Glenn defends very well and scrambles up. Glenn tries to pressure but Dunham clinches and takes to the cage where he lands small strikes and controlling him. They break, exchange strikes and Dunham takes him down off a kick but very briefly. Glenn is still pressuring though, unfortunately Dunham is a good counter puncher. They brawl for the last 30secs, both landing clean shots.
Rd 3 – 3rd round and Dunham shoots early but no go. Dunham lands an elbow on the break. Back in the middle and Dunham is simply throwing more combos and takedown attempts. Short notice seems to be taking its toll but Glenn is mad tough and keeps throwing and pressuring. Funny thing is Glenn has more energy than Dunham right now. He is stopping all takedowns and landing a lot of counters. Glenn eats a head kick and some punch combos but still firing back and landing as well. Dunham’s output is too much and Glenn is def more tired.



Rd 1 – Glenn lands a right hand, then another. Glenn pressures and follows opponent as he circles on the outside. Glenn lands a leg kick. Glenn hit with a few punches and lands a hard body kick. Glenn clinches and lands an elbow and then a good combo against the cage. Glenn cutting off the cage and hunting him down. Good body kick by Glenn. He then lands a good right and another left. They trade strikes and Glenn eats a right but returns with a body kick.
Rd 2 – 2nd round and Glenn landing punches while pressuring to the cage. He lands strikes from here and they break. They trade strikes with Glenn always being the aggressor. The entire round consists of opponent moving away and eating or blocking punches and kicks. Glenn lands a takedown briefly but opponent back up and eating small strikes. Glenn takes him down again, landing gnp.
Rd 3 – 3rd round and Glenn pressuring right away. He takes it to the cage and lands a takedown, goes right to mount. Opponent scrambles out and back up but Glenn takes him back down. He lands gnp from half guard. They scramble up and opponent tries a spinning backfist but misses and Glenn takes him back down. The mat is extremely slippery as they are literally sliding around. Nonetheless, Glenn is still active with attacks and not allowing opponent land anything significant.



Rd 1 – Glenn gets hit with 2 good straight rights and they clinch. He reverses on the cage and lands a good knee to the belly on the break. They circle and Glenn is taken to the cage in the clinch but immediately reverses and lands good knees and small strikes and then a hard elbow over the top. Good control against the cage with body shots and the occasional hard elbow that lands. Good lands for Glenn then another elbow. Glenn breaks and lands a good leg kick, then hard body kick. Glenn clinches again and back to the cage where he works opponent with knees and elbows.
Rd 2 – 2nd and Glenn is pressured to the cage but reverses, lands a few strikes and they break. Glenn lands good body to head combos and then a hard body punch and back to clinch against the cage. He takes opponent down and lands good gnp from half guard. Postures up and lands hard punches and elbows. Opponent trying to scramble but keeps eating punches and knees to the body. Dominant round.
Rd 3 – 3rd round and Glenn lands a hard body punch and the front kick to the body. Body kick lands for Glenn and he is turning up the heat as opponent is fading. Glenn pressures to the cage and is landing a lot of calculated strikes and opponent clinches only to be tripped to the ground. He lands numerous punches and knees to the body and opponent is not defending, ref stops it.











  • Glenn is the aggressive young fighter with very good kickboxing skills. He trains with some of the best fighters in the world at Team Alpha Male.
  • Before signing with the UFC, he was also competing for the PFL and VFC.
  • He likes putting strong pressure on his opponents. He is always moving forward.
  • Against Aguilar, Glenn was leaving himself open during the attacks. Aguilar has capitalized on this and won the fight.
  • Glenn has a tendency to move forward with the punches over the top. This leaves him open for the counter uppercut as seen against Aguilar.
  • Glenn has very good standup. Against Bermudez, he throws a lot of kicks to the body and blocked most of the Bermudez’s combinations.
  • Against Bermudez, he had a tendency to open every round with a leg kick or a body kick.
  • Against Bermudez, he has shown huge holes in his wrestling. Especially in the 2nd and 3rd. Bermudez took him down many times.
  • Glenn scrambles very well of his back. In his last fight, Bermudez scored a lot of takedowns but couldn’t control Glenn on the ground as he was always back on his feet very fast.
  • Glenn has a tendency to turn his back against his opponent in a brawl. This weakness he showed against Bermudez.
  • Glenn has a strong jab. Against Bermudez, he uses his jab to keep Bermudez at distance.
  • He is not protecting his body. Bermudez landed many hard kicks and knees to his body. There is a room for improvement on this part of his defense.