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Marcin Tybura




16 – 2













Fighter Highlights




Rd 1 – Both fighters are in the orthodox stances. Tybura comes out light on his feet. Abdurakhimov opens the fight with a body punch. Tybura is holding his hands low. He takes the outside position. Abdurakhimov is pressing forward. He moves in and lands a left hook. Abdurakhimov quickly closes the distance but eats a nice right hand counter form Tybura! Abdurakhimov is very aggressive. He is pressing forward with the punches. Nice jab to the body lands for Abdurakhimov. Tybura moves into the pocket and eats a hard uppercut! Abdurakhimov is landing cleaner shorts so far. He sticks with the jab. Tybura has a hard time closing the distance without taking any damage. Good timing on the right hand by Abdurakhimov. He is slowly picking Tybura apart. Abdurakhimov fires an overhand right and losses his balance. He is back on his feet. Tybura steps in but Abdurakhimov counters with a quick two-punch combo. The speed in his punches is insane so far. Halfway in, Tybura takes the center. Abdurakhimov scores with a hook to the body. Tybura has no answer on the feet. He clinches but Abdurakhimov snaps his head back with a hard uppercut! Tybura starts throwing faints. Abdurakhimov explodes and lands a big right hand! Tybura absorbs. Tybura pushes forward but eats a two punch combo! Tybura is very open during his attacks. He is holding his hands wide open. Abdurakhimov is timing the counters perfectly so far. 1 min to go, Stiff jab snaps the head back of Tybura! Tybura explodes with the right and misses. Abdurakhimov is showing nice head movement in this round. He is clearly pushing for the knockout blow. Abdurakhimov sticks with the jab. He lands a nice straight right hand as the round ends. 10-9 Abdurakhimov

Rd 2 – They are back in the center. Nice jab lands for Abdurakhimov. He explodes with the spinning back kick to the body and lands! Abdurakhimov is very creative. He is looking more confident and focused. Tybura continues to miss with the single shots. He lands a kick to the body but eats a right counter form Abdurakhimov! Another right lands for Abdurakhimov! Abdurakhimov catches the kick and pushes for the takedown. Tybura defends the takedown and they are back standing. 1st min in, Abdurakhimov continues to work the body of Tybura. He is setting up the power right over the top with the jab to the body. Tybura doesn’t offer any offense so far. Abdurakhimov level changes for a takedown. Tybura shows his takedown defense and defends. Big spinning back fist lands for Abdurakhimov! He is on fire in this fight! Halfway in, Tybura pushes with the kick. Abdurakhimov catches the kick and lands a right hand over the top. Tybura finally connects with a right hand. Abdurakhimov responds with a body punch. Big left hand hurts Tybura!! Tybura is on the retreat!!! He is on the wobbly legs!!! Abdurakhimov moves in for a kill with more punches!!! Tybura is knocked out!!!




Rd 1 – Tybura opens the round with a leg kick. Counter leg kick from Struve. Jab lands for Struve. Leg kick from Struve. High kick attempt from Struve. Leg kick lands for Tybura. Tybura level changes and takes Struve down. Guard position for Tybura. Right hand lands for Tybura. 2 min in. Good ground control on the ground from Tybura. Elbow to the body from Tybura. Struve Scrambles. Tybura with the ground and pound. Hard shots to the body by Tybura. Hammer fists from Tybura. Referee Marc Goddard stops the fight and stands both fighters due to inactivity. Leg kick lands for Struve. Another. Body hook from Tybura. Hard left hand lands for Tybura. 4 min in. Both fighters in the orthodox stance. Jab lands for Struve. Hard inside leg kick lands for Tybura. Blocked leg kick by Struve. Hard leg kick from Struve. Uppercut lands for Tybura. Tybura pushes forward and scores a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Tybura.
Rd 2 – Fighters are in the center of the octagon. Jab lands for Struve. Left hand over the top lands for Tybura. Body shot from Tybura. Counter right lands for Struve. High kick from Struve, blocked by Tybura. Jab lands for Struve. Tybura switching stances. Tybura shoots for a takedown and takes Struve down. Tybura in the guard position. Right hand lands for Tybura. 2 min in. Tybura is on top. Struve looks to set up the arm triangle. Referee stops the fight and warns Struve for putting his fingers throw the fence. Tybura in the side control position. Big elbow lands for Tybura. Struve scrambles and manages to stand back on his feet. Hard front kick to the face from Struve. Tybura is rocked. Struve initiates the clinch. Big knee to the head from Struve followed by hard right hand. Tybura is hurt. 4 min in Tybura initiates the clinch. Tybura picks Struve up and throws him on the ground. Tybura in the side control position as the round ends. 10-9 Tybura.
Rd 3 – Both fighters are in the orthodox stance. Front kick to the body lands for Struve. Another. Right hand lands for Struve. Body kick lands for Struve. Inside leg kick lands for Tybura. Right hand lands for Tybura. 2 min in. Fighters are in the center. Inside leg kick lands for Struve. Hard leg kick lands for Struve. Counter right hand lands for Struve. Tybura shoots for a takedown, defended by Struve. Another takedown attempt from Tybura. Tybura picks Struve up with a body lock and takes him down. Tybura in the half guard position. Knees to the body from Tybura. 4 min in. Ground and pound from Tybura. Hard short left hands landing from Tybura. Short right hands landing for Tybura as the round ends. 10-9 Tybura.



Rd 1 – They meet in the middle. Patient from both. Spinning body kick lands for Arlovski. This time a kick to the body is caught by Tybura and he takes Arlovski down. 1 min in. Tybura able to control as Arlovski elects to close his guard. Minimal damage being done. Tybura finally able to pass as Arlovski opens his guard, he nearly takes the back. Arlovski scrambles and now Tybura in mount raining down hammer fists. 2 mins to go. All Tybura here. Arlovski trying to scramble by Tybura maintaining mount and landing countless punches! The ref doesn’t seem the slightest bit interested in stopping it. 1 min to go and Tybura still posturing up in mount. Arlovski gives up his back, Tybura sinks in 2 hooks and continues to lands short punches. 20 seconds to go and Arlovski is out and up. Now Arlovski pushes forward landing solid punches as Tybura can only cover up and circle away! Great first round! Tybura looks exhausted where as Arlovski might have a second wind 10 – 9 Tybura.
Rd 2 – Arlovski landing the cleaner more powerful punches on the feet. He instigates the clinch against the cage. 1 min in. Arlovski still controlling outside position. 2 mins in. Minimal damage being done. Arlovski breaks and lands a series of punches as Tybura covers up. Arlovski clinches and briefly gets a clinch takedown, before Tybura scrambles up and again Arlovski in outside position against the cage. Halfway. Arlovski continues to control doing minimal damage to a gassed Tybura. 90 seconds to go. Ref finally breaks them. Just under a minute to go. Tybura exposed as he comes forward. Arlovski clinches again and puts Tybura on the cage. 30 seconds. They break for the last few seconds and Arlovski lands a front kick to the face. 10 – 9 Arlovski.
Rd 3 – Tybura looks to counter the kicks of Arlovski with punches. Arlovski gets the clinch following a missed spinning back fist attempt. Tybura reverse position against the cage and level change for a takedown. Arlovski defends superbly, but Tybura continues to push for it. 1 min in. Tybura manages to trip Arlovski down, as Arlovski gets up he gets a double leg into Arlovski guard. 2 mins in. Tybura controlling doing decent damage. Halfway. Arlovski comes close to sweeping Tybura twice, but isn’t able to complete and Tybura maintains half guard. 2 mins to go. Arlovski gives up his back and Tybura sinks in hooks and now looking for a RNC. Tybura moves to mount. 1 min to go. Tybura continues to transition whilst inflicting decent damage and maintaining control. 10 – 9 Tybura.

Watch here



Rd 1 – Hands up from Henrique, who immediately shoots for a takedown, Tybura shows good balance, and they go to the cage. Henrique on the outside. Both fighters doing minimal damage. 1 min. Not much happening, as Henrique only interested in smothering. Ref separates them. 2 mins. Henrique eats a flush knee whilst rushing Tybura to the mat, Tybura immediately back up and we’re back on the cage. Halfway. Henrique with double unders as they come off the cage, but Tybura continues to show good balance, Henrique recklessly briefly gets him to the mat, but straight back up, catches the kick and trips Henrique to the mat. Tybura shows good ground skill in getting half guard. 90 seconds. Tybura doing minimal damage Henrique with the aid of the cage able to get to his feet, and he now lands a trip takedown. Tybura back up, but Henrique controlling with double unders. Close round. 10 – 10.
Rd 2 – Henrique shoots as Tybura looks to land the knee, they go to the cage, Henrique again with double unders and able to outmuscle Tybura to the mat. Henrique immediately into side control. Tybura gets the underhook and scrambles up. Henrique landing knees as he controls Tybura against the cage. Henrique controlling against the cage. Still against the cage. Halfway. Ref splits them. Tybura lands a right hand, but Henrique clinches immediately and back to the cage. Crowd starting to boo. 90 seconds to go and ref splits them. Front kick to the face from Tybura lands flush, and Henrique again gets the clinch and takes Tybura to the cage. 10 seconds. Tybura pushes off and a overhand right partially lands. 10 – 9 Henrique.
Rd 3 – Right cross lands for Tybura, Henrique responds with a clinch and knee. Tybura front kick again lands flush to the face of Henrique, overhand right then clips Henrique as Tybura back off, he looks hurt, Tybura comes forward and Henrique instigates the clinch against the cage. Explosive start. 1 min in. Tybura lands a couple nice short elbows that seem to rock Henrique. Henrique is exhausted. Tybura head kick blocked, chopping right hand just misses. They clinch and Tybura on the outside. Level change, takedown stuffed, Henrique looking for a standing guillotine choke. Halfway. He doesn’t get it and hes exhausted as he crumbles to the mat, Tybura quickly takes mount. 90 seconds to go. A few elbows land and now countless short punches land, Henrique cant move and the ref jumps in!

Watch here



Rd 1 – Tybura looking light on his feet, throws his favorite push kick, then lands a good punch combo. Tybura bouncing around, giving him different looks. Tybura lands a counter right as opponent tries to pressure him, then a nice left hook. Tybura lands the front kick, then a good right hand. Tybura walking him down now, then comes the takedown attempt but Tybura stuffs it with a nice sprawl and makes him pay with punches. Tybura throws a lead head kick that barely misses, then lands a nice leg kick. Tybura lands a good punch combo, then another. He lands a switch head kick and is really showing good stand up. He lands a jab, then a leg kick and barely misses a huge right hand. Tybura evades strikes from opponent and lands good counter punches. He lands a counter left hook, then a front kick, then a left hand and he is now chasing him down, opponent goes for takedown but stuffed and Tybura lands a good knee. 30 secs left and opponent is trying for takedown but no go as Tybura uses underhooks to reverse and lands good knees to end the round.
2nd round and Tybura starts off pressing, lands a good right hand and evades return strikes. Tybura throws the switch kick and it lands flush. Huge KO!



Rd 1 – This was Tybura’s debut. Tybura starts with a good body kick. He moves well landing combos and ends with a nice push kick. He then lands 2 good counter right hands as opponent comes in. Tybura lands a good body punch. Opponent then clinches Tybura as he goes forward for another combo and moves to the fence. Opponent holds Tybura there for just over a minute while landing knees to the thighs and small strikes. Ref breaks. Tybura lands good straight punches and evades the return, then a good right hand and then push kick. He eats a punch from opponent but no issue, he moves around well, easily evading a huge swing from opponent.
Rd 2 – 2nd round Tybura lands a good jab but opponent is pressuring and lands a good punch combo against the fence, cutting Tybura. He returns fire and lands a good punch, then a knee as they clinch. Opponent takes Tybura to the fence again and landing small strikes. Tybura gets underhooks and reverses, landing his own small strikes. He then goes for a takedown but no go. They break and Tybura eats a punch and they exchange strikes with opponent landing a few punches and Tybura lands a good push kick. Tybura lands a good punch as opponent pressures and evades strikes quite well. Just as I say that, opponent lands 3 jabs in a row as Tybura backs off, then flurries against the cage to takedown attempt to end the round.
Rd 3 – 3rd round and Tybura lands a good punch combo and then push kick. Tybura lands a very well timed takedown as opponent moved in with strikes. He takes the back immediately but is too high and gets shaken off. Back up and Tybura goes for another takedown, gets stuffed and Tybura lands a good knee to the body. Opponent pushes him to the cage again but ref breaks as not doing much. Tybura lands a head kick that wobbles opponent, he moves in with punches and landing against the cage but opponent clinches and turns Tybura into the cage. Tybura lands a good elbow and then a good knee with his back on the cage. They break and Tybura just misses another head kick, then a push kick to the face, then a lead head kick. Tybura looks much fresher and landing punches as opponent circles away.



This fight was very short. Tybura doing well in the standup, good movement and selection of strikes, landing a few jabs and low kicks. Opponent throws a leg kick, Tybura checks it and opponent’s leg is broken, just like A.Silva. Fight done.



Rd 1 – Tybura takes the center of the ring and lands a leg kick, then another. Opponent misses a punch and grabs the thai plum but Tybura drives him back to the ring and gets the takedown. He lands small strikes and opponent works his way to the feet but Tybura doesn’t let go and takes him back down. Same thing happens again but now Tybura working to take the back after taking him back down. Full back control to body triangle now as he lands punches to opponent’s face. Tybura tries the choke twice but opponent defends well. Opponent tries to turn into him but Tybura not having it as the body triangle is locked in. 30 secs left and opponent manages to turn into him and now on top. Tybura eats a couple hammerfists and then goes for the armbar but no go and he eats a couple more hammerfists. Dominant round for Tybura, also good control on the ground.
Rd 2 – 2nd round and Tybura eats a right hand but lands the body kick. He then presses forward and lands a front kick to the body clinch and goes for the takedown and gets it despite opponent grabbing the ropes. Opponent works back up fast and Tybura staying on him against the ropes, landing strikes to the body. Opponent reverses and lands an uppercut to Tybura’s jaw. Tybura pressing hard for the takedown and gets it but opponent fights back up. Tybura is looking tired as opponent reverses again on the ropes and lands a body punch but Tybura presses for the takedown again and gets it in the middle this time with half of the round left (other times were against the ropes, there is a net at the bottom that acts as a cage). On the ground, Tybura passes to half guard, landing hammerfists and punches. Opponent almost scrambles out but Tybura shows good control with his base and underhooks and keeps him down. Tybura lands slow punches to the face to end the round.
Rd 3 – 3rd round both fighters trade punches but both block them. Tybura throws a head kick but blocked and opponent returns but also blocked. They clinch and Tybura trying to get the takedown against the ropes but no go so he settles for controlling his opponent there while landing small strikes. Opponent reverses and breaks away. Opponent throws a flying knee that misses and Tybura back to clinching against the ropes. He lands a good knee to the body and opponent reverses and breaks. Tybura clinches, lands a hard knee and back to the ropes. He tries a takedown but no go and opponent reverses and breaks. Tybura back to the clinch but opponent starts landing good uppercuts and punches. Tybura looks tired but still in the fight. Opponent gets Tybura to the ropes and lands a punch, Tybura’s nose is bleeding and for some reason the referee stops it due to something going on with his nose. He would have won a decision!










  • Tybura is well rounded fighter. He is training with very experienced coaches at Jackson Wink MMA, and he is always looking to add new things to his game.
  • Tybura is a great wrestler. Against Struve, he showed his dominance by taking Struve down in every round. Even scored a takedown from the body lock position against very tall Struve.
  • Tybura showed improvement in his conditioning against Struve.
  • Tybura has a tendency to hold his hands very wide in his guard. Struve landed couple of punches and a front kick to the face that rocked Tybura pretty hard.
  • Tybura was disciplined in his fight against Struve. He was very tactical and focused on winning.
  • Tybura has a tendency to pick his punches. He has a 5th highest striking accuracy among active UFC heavyweights which shows that he doesn’t like wild exchanges.
  • Tybura has 3th highest takedown defense among active UFC heavyweights (79.2%)
  • Tybura has 7 wins by knockout on his record. He doesn’t seems to be very confident standing as he always pushes for a takedown.
  • After his knockout loss against Dereck Lewis, Tybura has improved his standup defense on the clinch separation.
  • After two losses, Tybura is back with a dominant win over Struve. He showed that he still belongs in the UFC octagon.