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Enrique Barzola




12 – 3 – 1













Fighter Highlights




Rd 1 – Both fighters are in the orthodox stances. Aguilar immediately takes the outside position. Both fighters are light on their feet. They are feeling each other. Barzola is displaying good footwork. He explodes with a flying kick but he is out of the range. Double jab lands for Aguilar. He is waiting for a counter. Barzola slowly establishes the forward pressure and lands a nice leg kick. Aguilar lands a kick to the groins. The referee stops the fight and gives Barzola time to recover. The fight continues in the center. Barzola continues with the pressure. Aguilar explodes with the straight punches but he is out the range. He moves in once again and lands a nice kick to the body. Aguilar lands a couple of jabs. He is looking sharp. Nice spinning kick to the body lands for Barzola. Stiff jab lands for Aguilar. He comes in and lands a left hook to the body. Aguilar is outboxing Barzola. His timing is perfect early. Halfway in, Barzola catches Aguilar with the left hand and follows with a nice kick to the body! Aguilar resets and continues to work with a jab. Barzola is patient. However, Aguilar is constantly lading straight punches. Barzola moves with a leg kick but eats a hard right counter! Aguilar is on fire. He is displaying great boxing skills. Barzola has a hard time closing the distance. Aguilar fires a right hand. 1 min to go, Barzola level changes for a takedown but Aguilar defends. Nice kick to the body lands for Aguilar! Aguilar is very accurate with the punches. Barzola continues with the pressure but he is constantly eating punches. Barzola with the late entry for a takedown but Aguilar defends once again.  10-9 Aguilar

Rd 2 – Barzola takes the outside position. Aguilar opens the round with a jab. Stiff jab lands for Barzola. Aguilar moves in and lands a left straight. Aguilar is firing and landing quick one-two combos. Barzola moves in with the left hook but eats a couple of hard uppercuts. Barzola spots the danger on the feet and dives for a takedown. Aguilar defends once again. Aguilar is moving on the outside. Barzola level changes once again but fails to score a takedown. Barzola has no answer in this fight so far. Aguilar is dictating the pace and tempo of the fight. Barzola misses with the superman punch. He fires an overhand right but he is out of range. Aguilar is doing a phenomenal job in this fight. Halfway in, Nice one two and a kick to the body lands for Aguilar! He is closing the distance very fast. Barzola responds with a right hand and lands. He level changes once again but Aguilar separates. Aguilar continues to demolish Barzola from the outside. He is working the body of Barzola and tiring him out. Big right hand lands for Barzola! He is still in this fight! Nice step in uppercut lands for Barzola! Aguilar responds with a hard right hand and a kick to the body! 1 min to go, stiff jab lands for Aguilar! Barzola resets and looks for a takedown. Aguilar defends. Barzola clearly lacks the head movement. Both fighters are swinging and missing. Barzola fires a power right, Aguilar slips the punch. 10-9 Aguilar

Rd 3 – Barzola takes the center and continues with the pressure. Aguilar continues to work with a jab. Big right hook lands for Barzola! He is not throwing volume strikes. Nice straight right lands for Aguilar. He is mixing his attacks with the kicks and punches well. Barzola moves in but eats a hard left hook! 1st min in, Nice one-two lands for Aguilar. He is so fast with his hands. His timing on the counter punches is perfect in this fight. Aguilar establishes the jab. He moves in but eats a two-punch combo from Barzola! Barzola follows with the clinch. Aguilar separates. Barzola is not setting up his combinations. He is exploding with the single power punch. Nice right hand lands for Aguilar. Halfway in, Barzola closes the distance and lands a short left hook. Barzola partially lands a spinning kick to the body. He goes high with the kick, blocked by Aguilar. Nice kick to the body lands for Aguilar! He is destroying Barzola on the feet. Stiff jab lands for Barzola. He explodes with a left hook and lands! Barzola is putting strong pressure on Aguilar. Barzola explodes and lands a double left hand! Aguilar has a hard time keeping his distance. Barzola is very aggressive. Nice double jab lands for Aguilar. Barzola responds with a double right hand! The boxing of Barzola is looking much better in this round. Aguilar moves in with a jab. Barzola explodes with a big one two and lands! Flying knee lands for Barzola! Aguilar counters with a right hand! 10-9 Barzola






Rd 1 – Both fighters are in the orthodox stances. Davis immediately takes the center and establishes the pressure. Barzola is in the hands low karate stance. Barzola goes high with the kick. Davis blocks and lands a right hand counter. Barzola is moving a lot. He fires a couple of nice leg kicks. 1st min in, Davis is looking for a way in. Big leg kick drops Davis! Barzola follows with a body lock. He is working for a takedown early. Davis is defending well. Barzola trips Davis down to the mat! However, Davis is back on his feet. Barzola continues to control him with a body lock. He switches to a single leg but Davis defends. Barzola is back with a body lock. He level changes and takes the double leg. He Picks Davis up and slams him down to the mat! Halfway in, Davis is back on his feet. Barzola backs off and they are back in the center. Both fighters are busy with the kicks. Davis moves in but Barzola moves away. Stiff jab lands for Davis. He is marching forward with the punches but Barzola is countering with the punches over the top. Davis resets. He moves in and lands a big right hand! Davis is confident as he moves forward once again. Barzola clinches and separates. Davis is the aggressor. Barzola is showing nice head movement. Both fighters exchange punches! Davis is looking for a brawl. 1 min to go, Big left hook lands for Barzola! Davis clinches and trips Barzola down to the mat. Davis is in the guard position. Barzola is scrambling from the bottom. Davis stands up. Barzola explodes back to his feet. Davis explodes in the last 20 seconds and lands a couple of nice punches. 10-9 Davis

Rd 2 – Davis continues with the pressure. He is looking to establish the jab. Barzola is moving on the outside. Davis moves in with a left hand. Barzola ducks under and takes a body lock. He slams Davis once again but has a hard time establishing the control. Brazola still has body lock. He drags Davis down once against but Davis is back on his feet. 1st min in, Barzola takes the double leg and picks Davis up in the air. Brazola brings him to the center and slams him down! He takes the side control position. Davis scrambles from the bottom. Brazola establishes good top control. Davis rolls but ends up in the guillotine choke! Davis defends well. He explodes back to his feet but Brazola immediately follows with a powerful double-leg slam! Halfway in, Brazola is all over Davis. He takes his back once again. Davis is looking desperate. He is crawling to the fence. Brazola is landing nice punches form the top. Davis shakes Brazola off and now he dives for a single leg takedown. Brazola defends and drags Davis down. Davis is on his knees. Brazola is landing nice knee to the body. He shoots for the guillotine choke!!! He switches to the anaconda choke! 1 min to go, Davis is displaying good submission defense. Davis explodes back to his feet. Both fighters are scrambling. Brazola has more success during the grappling and wrestling exchanges. He is on top and exploding with the punches. 10-9 Brazola


Rd 3 – Brazola takes the outside position. Davis is patient and looking for the openings. Brazola lands a leg kick. Davis is throwing faints. Nice leg kick lands for Davis. Brazola is looking like a fresher fighter. Stiff jab lands for Davis. He is looking to byte Brazola into something. 1st min in, Brazola is showing nice footwork. He steps in and lands a right hand. Davis counters with a left. Stiff jabs are landing for Brazola! Davis is holding his hands low. He steps in and lands a two punch combo. He starts working behind his jab. Barzola is looking to close the distance. Big one two lands for Brazola! Davis tries to counter but eats a hard right hand! Davis absorbs. Both fighters are missing with the punches. Big kick to the body lands for Davis! Davis is throwing more punches. He is constantly landing nice punches. Brazola spots the danger on the feet and explodes for a takedown. Barzola takes the single leg and scores a takedown. Davis finds himself up but Brazola controls him with a body lock. Davis separates the hands and lands a nice knee to the head! Brazola steps in with a left hand. Davis level changes for a single leg. Brazola takes the head lock and makes a transition to the half guard. Great job by Brazola! 1 min to go, Brazola establishes strong control. He is in the half guard position. Brazola lands a couple of nice right hands. Davis is scrambling from the bottom. He gives his back to Brazola. Davis is desperate to stand up. Brazola opens up with the punches. Davis scrambles and he is back on his feet. 10-9 Brazola




Rd 1 – Avila immediately takes the center. Barzola lands a nice combo. He lands a leg kick. Shoots and gets the single leg, but Avila comfortably defends with a partial leg lock and is back up. Hard leg kicks land for Barzola. Avila lands a couple straights. Barzola reverses against the cage and throws Avila to the mat. Up kick lands flush for Avila. Barzola struggling to enter the guard. He eventually is able to get to the back of Avila. They go to he cage, Barzola landing short strikes, nothing serious. They break. Overhand right swings and misses for Barzola. Body punch and kick lands for Barzola. He drags Avila to the ground with a single leg. Avila scramble sot his feet, but Barzola controlling against the cage. Barzola always landing short strikes. They break. Another string leg kick lands. Barzola staring to show some feints to his game. Avila responds with a crisp 1 2. Overhand right just misses for Barzola. He makes sure not to stay in the pocket for too long. 10 – 9 Barzola.
Rd 2 – Avila again takes the center. He presses Barzola to the cage, but hes off it immediately. Hard leg kick lands. Avila hands down now. He shoots for the single defended, he changes to double unders and drags Avila down. Barzola struggling to maintain top position, as Avila scrambles. Barzola has the back landing short punches. Avila up to 1 knee, and now up. They break. ZERO urgency to Avilas game. They clincha gain, short elbow lands for Barzola. Barzola conrinues to get off the better strikes. Another takedown, hes 5th so far. Avila eventually scrambles back to his feet, but Barzola is all over him. 10 – 9 Barzola.
Rd 3 – Barzola seems more weary than Alvia. Superb combo from Barzola, knee to the bodu, kick to the body, overhand right. Hes feinting more. He times the double, and lands some good G&P. Avila scrambles, but Barzola controlling. At 3:25 Total strikes Barzola 81 Avila 39. Leg kicks continues to land. Avila continues to over rach on his punches. Barzola closes distance and gets another takedown. He continues to land short shots. Avila eventually gets up, but a similar theme continues to end the fight. 10 – 9 Barzola.



Rd 1 – KB coming forward. Almost catches the leg of KB. Barzola establishing jab, looking to land counter right. KB circling landing a couple leg kicks. Barzola keeping him at range with a couple push kicks to the body. Barzola in and out the pocket. Mixing his strikes. Head kick skims KB’s head. 1 2 lands for Barzola. KB closes distance, gets double unders and the takedown. As he moves for mount, Barzola scrambles up to his feet, though he loses double unders. Another leg kick lands for KB, Big overhand right lands for KB. Barzola eats it. I scored Barzola 10 – 9.
Rd 2 – Straight right lands for KB, as he comes forward. A couple jabs a big uppercut land for Barzola. Barzola nearly gets a single leg, KB able to defend. Push kick to the body for Barzola. Big overhand right just misses for KB. KB definitely lighter on the feet. Barzola catches the kick but cant do any damage. KB throwing more but Barzola staying out of range. Nice 1 2 lands for KB. KB continuing to feint and close distance but not landing. Barzola using more kicks this round. Counter straight right lands for KB. Body kick push kick just miss for Barzola. KB pushes forward with straights and lands a left hook. Barzola times the level change takes KB down, he briefly gets up but Barzola slams him back down, again KB quickly scrambles back to his feet to end the round. I scored 10 – 10.
Rd 3 – Jab lands for Barzola. KB coming forward feinting. At 4:26 of the round, Barzola has landed more than double of Bochniak 58 – 24 and has thrown just under double the amount of strikes 129 – 66. Leg kick lands for KB. Barzola walking KB DOWB, catches another kick and lands a kick to the body. A couple hook blocked form Barzola in the pocket. KB counter right lands again. KB Comes forward throwing straights. Another leg kick lands. Hard leg kick lands for Barzola. KB being the aggressor, trying to setup the 1 2. Barzola times the single leg, but KB scrambles well. Double jab and right hand land for Barzola. Barzola has done well to avoid KB’s somewhat predictable striking, and counter. Another level change sees him momentarily take KB down. KB coming forward. Body kick caught, but he avoids the takedown. Barzola has used his ja well throughout. 1 2 land for KB. They momentarily clinch a couple short uppercuts land for Barzola, KB responds with a straight right. Another timed hook uppercut combo from Barzola. KB pressuring, but Barzola landing the cleaner strikes. I scored 10 – 9 Barzola. Brian Stann and Goldberg hinted throughout that Barzola was winning the fight. 29 – 28 x 2 Bochniak, 30 – 27 Barzola.