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Fighter Highlights




Rd 1 – Thompson is in the southpaw stance. Pettis comes out in the orthodox stance. Thompson opens the fight with a hard kick to the body! Pettis establishes the forward pressure. Thompson is in the karate stance. Both fighters are measuring their range. Pettis explodes with a body kick and lands. Thompson establishes the jab. 1st min in, Pettis is patient. He is looking for the openings to explode. Both fighters are looking relaxed. Thompson scores with a couple of kicks. Pettis is doing a good job of staying in his face. Hard inside leg kick lands for Pettis! Nice sidekick to the body lands for Thompson. He is keeping his distance with the kicks. Neither fighter is willing to pull the trigger. Good body kick lands for Thompson. Thompson is bouncing on his feet. Halfway in, Thompson moves forward and lands a quick one-two combination. He is looking more confident. Pettis explodes with a wheel kick, just misses! Thompson is destroying Pettis with the kicks. Pettis responds with a kick also. He has a hard time closing the distance with the punches. Thompson fires a quick 3 punch combo and lands. 1 min to go, he moves forward once again and lands another one-two combination. He is letting his hands go. Stiff jab lands for Thompson. He follows the attacks with a sidekick to the head and lands! Pettis moves in and eats another 2 punch combo! Thompson is on fire! Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Thompson connects with a straight left. 10-9 Thompson

Rd 2 – Pettis takes the center and continues with the pressure. Hard kick to the body lands for Pettis! Thompson gores high with the kick, blocked by Pettis. Pettis closes the distance and lands a right hook to the body. He is the aggressor early in the round. Thompson is moving on the outside and scoring with the kicks. 1st min in, Pettis has a bloody face. Hard sidekick to the body lands for Thompson. He has a lot of success with the kicks so far. Pettis has a hard time defending them. Thompson is destroying the lead leg of Pettis. Stiff jab lands for Thompson. He is slowly picking Pettis apart. Halfway in, Pettis continues with the pressure. He is taking a lot of damage coming in. Nice body head combination lands for Thompson. Hard kick to the body lands for Thompson! Pettis starts firing the leg kicks. Hard outside leg kick lands for Pettis! This is a pure kickboxing match. Piston jab lands for Pettis! Thompson is throwing faints. He just misses with the head kick. Pettis is looking to time the next kick and explode with the counter punches. 1 min to go, Pettis is busy with the kicks. Thompson is light on his feet. Both fighters exchange jabs. Thompson establishes the forward pressure. Pettis is backing off against the fence. Thompson fires a kick to the body. Pettis explodes with the superman punch!!! Thompson goes down!!! Thompson is knocked out!!!




Rd 1 – Both fighters are in the orthodox stances. Ferguson immediately takes the center. He opens the fight with a jab to the body. Hard leg kick lands for Pettis! Ferguson counters with a left hand over the top. Pettis lands a couple of hard leg kicks. Ferguson returns the kick. Pettis explodes with a kick to the body and follows with a right hand over the top. Ferguson is putting pressure on Pettis. He is the aggressor early. Nice inside leg kick lands for Ferguson. Ferguson is showing his great footwork. He is attacking for all angles. Ferguson moves in and eats a hard straight right hand! Ferguson fires a right hook but eats a left counter. Pettis has found his timing on the counter punches. Ferguson is constantly moving forward. Halfway in, Pettis is bouncing on the outside. Pettis explodes with a spinning back fist, just misses. Ferguson lands a couple of hard leg kicks! He is slowly destroying the legs of Pettis. Pettis is wasting a lot of energy moving on the outside. Ferguson is chasing Pettis and landing punches. Big right hand lands for Ferguson! Pettis counters with the right. Ferguson is mixing his attacks high and low. He is looking unpredictable. Nice right hand over the top lands for Pettis. 1 min to go, Ferguson is destroying Pettis against the fence. He is landing hard kicks and straight punches. Pettis is already slowing down. Ferguson is putting insane pressure. Nice left hand lands for Ferguson. He is very accurate with the punches. Pettis counters with a hard right! Ferguson moves in and explodes with a double inside leg kick. Big right hand lands for Ferguson! 10-9 Ferguson

Rd 2 – Ferguson comes out aggressive and continues with the pressure. Hard leg kick lands for Ferguson! Pettis explodes with a right hand counter and drops Ferguson down!!! Ferguson is back on his feet but he eats another right hand over the top! Ferguson goes down! Pettis jumps all over him and takes the guard position. Ferguson is scrambling from the bottom. He is controlling the posture. 1st min in, Pettis is looking to create some space for the punches. Ferguson scrambles and explodes back to his feet. Pettis has a big cut on the right side of his head. The referee stops the fight so the Doctor can come in and check the cut. The fight continues. Ferguson immediately lands a hard leg kick! Pettis counters with a capoeira kick, just misses! This is a wild fight! Ferguson continues with the pressure and lands a two-punch body combo. Nice right hand over the top lands for Pettis. Halfway in, Ferguson is looking like a fresher fighter. He is constantly landing body-head combinations. He is following them with the kicks also.  Ferguson is destroying Pettis! Big left hook lands for Ferguson! Pettis is eating a lot of punches and elbows!!! Pettis counters with a hard right hand! Both fighters are swinging power punches! Ferguson is exploding with the elbows. Big right hand lands for Pettis! Ferguson absorbs! Pettis is showing his toughness as he lands another one-two combination! 1 min to go, Ferguson resets and continues to demolish Pettis against the fence. He is constantly throwing volume strikes. Ferguson doesn’t stop being offensive. He is showing great cardio. Ferguson is exploding with the punches! The referee is looking closely!!! He is beating Pettis down!!! The right hand of Pettis is broken. The fight is over!




Rd 1 – Chiesa is in the southpaw stance. Pettis is in the orthodox stance. Chiesa takes the center and opens the fight with a left hand. Pettis fires a leg kick. Chiesa catches the kick and scores a takedown against the fence. Chiesa takes the half guard position. Pettis is feeling comfortable working from the bottom. Chiesa is looking for the arm triangle! Pettis shows his submission defense and escapes. Chiesa opens up with the punches. Pettis scrambles and takes the back of Chiesa! Great work by Pettis. Chiesa is back on his feet. He is holding the right hand of Pettis and looks for a kimura! Pettis escapes and they are back in the center. Pettis fires a leg kick and lands. Chiesa establishes the forward pressure and dives for a takedown. Pettis defends and initiates the clinch against the fence. Chiesa has a body lock. He reverses the position and lands a knee to the body. He changes his levels once again. Halfway in, Chiesa is working for a takedown. Chiesa takes the body lock and drags Pettis down to the mat. Pettis immediately shoots for a triangle choke! Chiesa defends and continues with the pressure. Chiesa stands up and eats a hard up kick from Pettis! Pettis explodes back to his feet and establishes the pressure. 1 min to go, Pettis connects with a couple of had leg kicks! Another hard leg kick lands for Pettis! He is destroying the lead leg of Pettis! Stiff right hand lands for Pettis. Pettis has found his rhythm late in the round. Chiesa fires a leg kick. Pettis catches the kick and partially scores a takedown. Chiesa is back on his feet. Pettis misses with the wheel kick. He continues with the pressure and he lands a big right hand! Chiesa goes down!!! 10-10

Rd 2 – Pettis immediately takes the center. He opens the round with a nasty kick to the body! He explodes once again and lands a big right hand! Chiesa is hurt! Pettis moves in and lands a hard knee to the body! Chiesa goes down! Pettis shoots for the guillotine choke! Chiesa escapes and finishes in top position! Pettis shoots for the armbar triangle!!! It looks tight!!! Chiesa is trying to defend!!! Chiesa taps out!!!! 




Rd 1 – They meet in the middle. Miller lands a solid inside leg kick. Counter left is there also as Pettis comes in, as is another hard leg kick. Pettis slowly pressuring, but yet to land anything clean. 1 min in. Miller continues to target the inside leg. Pettis body kick lands. Miller explodes forward just missing a left cross. Inside leg kick lands again. 2 mins in. Pettis short right lands as he closes distance. Halfway. They exchange kicks, Pettis closes distance with a flying knee and series of punches as Miller is up against the cage covering up. 2 mins to go. Sweetly times 1 2 lands for Pettis, and again. Hes starting to find his range. High kick is blocked. 90 seconds to go. Spinning back fist lands for Pettis. Miller back to targeting the inside leg of Pettis. Jumping switch kick partially lands for Pettis. Under a minute. Pettis still slowly pressuring. Miller explodes with a hook to the body. Miller throwing single power punches to force Pettis away to end the round. 10 – 9 Pettis.
Rd 2 – They meet in the middle. Pettis looking relaxed. Miller power left cross lands. Miller body kick then lands. Miller being the aggressor as he slowly presses Pettis, exploding into his strikes. Pettis head kick partially lands, Miller walks through it, catching the kick and gets a trip takedown. 1 min in. Pettis immediately ties him up in a triangle. Blood pouring out of Miller now. He fights out of it, but struggling to enter the guard of Pettis. Miller standing and landing a few good punches, but Pettis not making it easy. Blood really pouring out from Miller. Pettis gives up his back as he tries to scramble to his feet, Miller quickly latches on to it. Halfway. Pettis able to scramble out and get miller on his back. Pettis now in halfguard, doing minimal damage. 90 seconds to go and Pettis stands over Miller, lands a punch before reentering the guard. Pettis in half guard doing decent damage to a bloodied Miller. Side control, 1 min to go. Miller scrambles allowing Pettis to take the back, 1 hook in. Miller able to stand, Pettis drags im back to the mat to end the round. 10 – 9 Pettis.
Rd 3 – They meet in the middle. Pettis high kick blocked, body kick misses. Miller tries to counter Pettis kicks with punches. Pettis looking to establish jab. Beautifully disguised head kick lands for Pettus. 1 min in. Pettis mixing his boxing and kicking well. Another head kick partially lands. Front kick to the face lands. This is the best Pettis has looked in a while. 2 mins in. Hard leg kick lands for Pettis. Miller struggling to land atm. Pettis circling landing his jab to counter Millers forward pressure. Halfway. Miller level change takedown stopped, Pettis uses the momentum to reverse him into the cage. 90 seconds to go. Pettis continues to control Miller against the cage. 1 min. They both try the extravagant and miss. They exchange to end. Dominant from Pettis. 10 – 9 Pettis.

Watch here



145 lb – Rd 1 – Holloway takes the center of the cage and trades a few leg kicks with Pettis, who tests the range with a jab. Pettis throws a pair of low kicks and then goes to the body with a switch kick to finish a lovely combination. Holloway takes a big step forward to create space and then slings a long right hand into Pettis’ breadbasket. Pettis knocks the Hawaiian backward with a spinning kick to the midsection, but Holloway comes right back to clip Pettis with a straight right. Down to the final 90 seconds of the opening round, the featherweights continue to dance in and out of range. Holloway scores with a left hook, and Pettis shoots for a takedown just before the horn but can’t complete it. 10 – 9 Holloway.
Rd 2 – Holloway scores a knockdown with a straight right early in round two, but Pettis is alert as soon as he hits the ground. Holloway backs up, allowing Pettis to stand, and now it’s Pettis pushing forward, walking down “Blessed” with punches and stomping kicks. Holloway continues to get the better of the exchanges with his counterpunches, however, and the right eye of Pettis looks to be swelling rapidly as it continues to absorb strikes. Halfway through the round, Pettis keeps walking forward and keeps walking into punches from Holloway, now aimed mostly at the body of the former lightweight champ. Holloway, by contrast, seems to be absorbing relatively little damage as he works off his back foot, though Pettis is landing some solid kicks to the midsection. Holloway slips another punch, feeds Pettis a combination, but “Showtime” walks through the strikes to wrap up the Hawaiian on the fence. Pettis drops to try a single-leg, switches to a double but has his hands peeled away. Holloway tries to spin away but is still tied up by Pettis at the end of the round. 10 – 9 Holloway.
Rd 3 – Pettis forces Holloway backward with front kicks to the body, but as soon as Holloway’s back nears the fence, the Hawaiian pushes back to the center and slugs Pettis with a left hand. The featherweights tie up and Holloway throws a knee inside which lands on Pettis’ cup. Pettis is hurt but recovers quickly; he comes back and gets his guard split by a Holloway right hand. They tie up briefly, Pettis separating with a high kick which narrowly misses. Holloway hits a nifty foot sweep with 3:15 left in the round but allows Pettis to stand right away. Pettis gets an underhook and pushes Holloway against the fence, where Holloway may be looking to tee up Pettis for a knee. Pettis keeps his head tucked and eventually breaks away with just over two minutes remaining. Holloway lands a hard kick to the body, a ripping left hand to the gut. “Blessed” hits the trip again and comes down to the ground, but again he allows Pettis to stand. Holloway is scoring consistently with kicks to the body, and now Pettis is hurt, backing up to the wall. Pettis is doubled over as Holloway swings away: a left to the temple, a right to the body, left to the body, then more and more punches until finally the ref stops it.

Watch here



145lb Rd 1 – Oliveria immediately catches a kick and takes Pettis to the cage. Oliveria looking for the trip. Pettis displaying excellent balance. A min later they break. They exchange leg kicks. Oliveria again with double unders, taking Pettis to the cage. Oliveria takes the back and drags Pettis to the mat. Pettis able to reverse into guard, and then just able to stand up. Oliveria single leg attempt defended. Pettis continues to land the left kick to the body, Oliveria lands a couple straights, but Pettis body kicks are too much as he crumbles to the mat. Pettis posturing over Oliveria dropping bombs, whilst Oliveria throws up submission attempts. Pettis passes Oliveria guard and into side control. Oliveria scrambles and reverses to top position, superb. Nice short elbow lands for him. Pettis reverse back, eating an up kick in the process. Round ends with Pettis in top position. I scored 10-9 Pettis.
Rd 2 – Oliveria coming forward. Body kick lands. Pettis lands a sweet hook to the body. Pettis throws Oliveria to the ground. They stand. Head kick partially blocked for Pettis. Right hook then lands. Pettis connecting with everything, just not throwing volume. Nice left hook and uppercut by Oliveria. Oliveria continues to be aggressive walking forwards and is staring to tag Pettis more and more. Oliveria tagging Pettis against the cage. Short elbow lands. Oliveria takes the back, jumps and drags Pettis to the mat. Body triangle is in. Looking for the choke. Pettis able to avoid, reveres and stand. Oliveria right back on him, giving Pettis no space. Oliveria ends the round dumping Pettis on his back. I scored 10 – 9 Oliveria.
Rd 3 – Oliveria shoots and gets Pettis on his back. Oliveria gets to side control. Pettis thrown an armbar. Doesn’t get it. Oliveria back in side control. Pettis trying to scramble Oliveria takes the back, but he loses position. They lie in north south, Pettis on top. Oliveria rises and stands looking for a single leg, but Pettis has sunk is a guillotine, and Oliveria taps!

Watch here



Rd 1 – Both guys very light on the feet. Pettis takes the outside. Looking for straights. Barboza hands up pumping a few leg kicks. Leg kick lands for Barboza. Barboza landing his jab. Quick hands in the pocket from Barboza connecting to the head and body, before slipping put. Ouch left hook connects, that hurt Pettis. Pettis not connecting with his strikes. Strong overhand right lands for Barboza. Not sure Pettis can handle his power. Barboza demonstrating excellent power, accuracy and speed in his hands. Spinning back kick lands on Pettis body. Pettis spinning head kick blocked. Another strong inside leg kick for Barboza. Pettis seems frustrated at the end. 10 – 9 Barboza.
Rd 2 – Barboza continues to pepper Barboza inside leg kick. Counter left connects on Pettis Jaw. Barboza showing good lateral movement to avoid strikes. Barboza hard hook to the body. Barboza using counter left and inside leg kick to stop Pettis strikes. Pettis continues to dance on the outside. Struggling to do damage in the pocket. Head and body winding with a left hook connects for Barboza. Finally a good right hand lands for Pettis. Jab and body kick. Follows that up. 2 rights and a left hook. Pettis starting to settle. Another nice combo high and low with hands for Pettis and circles away avoiding Barboza counters. Overhand right and out the pocket for Pettis again. Pettis eats a power body kick. 10 – 9 Barboza.
Rd 3 – 360 kick lands for Pettis to the body of Barboza. Doesn’t faze him. Another strong inside leg kick lands. Left hook and strong right kick that drops Pettis. Beautiful jab by Barboza. And again. And again. His fundamentals are so strong. Stiff jab lands for Barboza. Strong body kick lands also. This is impressive. Pettis going to be hurting tomorrow! Counter left stops Pettis approach. Barboza is non stop, out striking Pettis everywhere. Pettis left leg has been abused, fuck its turning blue! 10 – 9 Barboza.

Watch here




  • Pettis is the aggressive standup fighter who is also a complete grappler.
  • He is the former UFC Lightweight champion, WEC Lightweight champion and GSF Lightweight champion
  • Pettis is the 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo.
  • Also, he is the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.
  • Pettis has elite level standup skills. He is throwing powerful kicks from all angles and likes to be creative with the taekwondo and capoeira kicks also.
  • His boxing skills are very accurate and precise.
  • He is a counter puncher as seen against Ferguson and Thompson. He has good timing on his right hand.
  • On the mat, Pettis is constantly threatening with the submissions, especially off his back as seen against Chiesa.
  • Also, his submission defense is very good as seen against Chiesa, in which he has defended a couple of dangerous submission attacks,
  • Against Ferguson, Pettis had a hard time defending the kicks. His legs were destroyed early in the fight.
  • Also, he had a hard time defending the volume strikes against Ferguson.