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About Us

Our aim is to share the enjoyment and rewards that we have been reaping from trading the UFC. We are avid UFC, combat sports fans, who hail from a banking/trading background.

Though not directly from an MMA background we have been sports trading for a few years. In the last 6 months we have focused heavily on UFC, because of the excellent and consistent returns, due to our innate ability to predict how certain aspects of a fight should play out, thus enabling us to correctly ascertain where best to invest.

Using a thorough and detailed approach, we analyse every fighter, providing a full fight recap on previous fights, statistical breakdown, bio and how the fighters matchup. This intel can be accessed via the fighter profile option.

You see very rarely if ever will someone correctly predict the winner of every fight on a UFC card and then back it. The variables outweigh the likelihood of a profitable return. However, it’s the intricacies of a fight where we look to profit – method of victory, round betting. We have been successful at identifying at least one of these aspects in the majority of UFC fights for the past 18 months.

Controlling the variables is key, and MMA has limited variables compared to other sports. This is the beauty of 1 on 1 sports for you. For example football, or soccer for any yanks taking note ; ) There are countless variables – relegation battle, promotion battle, battle for top 4 mental change. Weather conditions – How do the best teams fair in harsh conditions. A sending off, an injury, incorrect decision and the list goes on. And yet incredibly it is the most heavily traded sport in the world.

The best traders are the ones that can control the variables, or more realistically limit them. One of the most successful sports traders in the world is Professor William Benter in 2004 at the International Congress of Chinese Mathematics he gave a seminar, which shone some light on how he plies his trade. In 2010 alaone, Benters syndicate turned over £7 billion on Hong Kongs 2 race tracks. The Hong Kong race track has a closed population of horses  that race against eachother on a regular basis. This gives Benter a lot of comparative data with which to build a model. Such conditions are a luxury, look at my earlier example, football, and all the variables that come with that. The same can be said for Basketball, NFL, Cricket etc.

Our website is designed to be the most intuned information outlet for all upcoming UFC fights and to provide strategic betting options for all followers. We would all welcome the opportunity to earn some cash on the side, and we genuinely believe that is a viable option if you sign up to MMA Raw.

You will be provided with weekly predictions, previews and bet packs. Anyone that signs up and follows us on twitter will receive 1 free bet for every card. The previews are free content and therefore available to all, we will discuss every upcoming UFC fight, sharing our thoughts and opinions and picking a winner in each.

For those that choose to sign up, you will receive notifications for when the previews and predictions are available.